International Reggae Poster Contest

71. Lisa Papa, United States

71. Lisa Papa, United States

"My design, like reggae music, represents the rhythm of the tides. It is freedom and renewal. A harmonious symphony of music, peace, and love." - Lisa Papa

Congratulations to the winners representing the best 100 posters of IRPC 2014! 

The Reggae Poster Contest Vision

The objective of the Third International Reggae Poster Contest 2014 is to continue to build awareness for Reggae music and to celebrate the global achievements of Reggae and its positive impact on the world. The Poster competition is part of a bigger vision that seek to establish a Reggae Hall of Fame in Kingston, Jamaica. 

The IRPC also uses this opportunity to raise funds to support the amazing work of a historic and wonderful Jamaican institution, the Alpha Boys’ School. 

The Goal and Theme of the Contest

Through the Third International Reggae Poster Contest, the goal is to auction or sell the 100 best posters from the contest with a percentage of the funds going toward the world-renown Alpha Boys’ School and the Help Jamaica Library initiative.

The IRPC announced the call for submissions on July 1, 2014, closing on November 1st, 2014 with a total of 1010 submissions, 646 designers from 79 countries. The contest winners were chosen from 444 finalists by a distinguished jury panel.