2Dog Design LLC

Graphic Design & Illustration

2Dog Design® LLC is a boutique graphic design studio located down the shore in New Jersey. Led by Lisa, who brings her expertise in graphic design from New York City, the studio has a reputation for producing beautiful, impactful work across print and digital mediums.

As a boutique studio, 2Dog Design specializes in crafting captivating visual solutions for a wide range of clients, from startups and small businesses to non-profit organizations. The team's keen eye for design and attention to detail allows them to develop polished, memorable branding, marketing materials, and other design assets that help their clients stand out.

One of 2Dog Design's signature offerings is "The Adventures of Molly & Dawson" illustration series. Inspired by Lisa's own beloved black Labrador retrievers, these whimsical scenes capture the charming personalities and playful antics of the two dogs. Each illustration is centered around a playful word or theme, bringing the dogs' adventures to life in a heartwarming and imaginative way. Available through their Etsy shop, these unique products provide customers with the opportunity to bring a touch of 2Dog's creativity and warmth into their own homes.

There's always something going on in the studio.

Meet the team

Lisa, Artist, Designer

Lisa Papa

Lisa, who holds a BFA in Graphic Design from New York City, has always been driven by her passion for art and design. She takes great joy in creating whimsical illustrations of her two beloved black labs, as well as designing for startups, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and personal projects.

As founder and Creative Director, 2Dog Design is a studio that seamlessly blends professional expertise, personal passion, and a commitment to creating joyful, meaningful design.

Molly & Dawson

Molly & Dawson

Molly (aka Miss Molly) is a little smaller than your typical black lab, but just as wide as one. She is curious, a little mischievous, and loves to explore. She knows just the right bark to stir things up. Molly wears a yellow collar.

Dawson (aka Mr. D) is your typical black lab. He has a big lab head that matches both his body and his bark. He is a noble hunter, the family protector, and a somewhat clumsy frisbee player. Dawson wears a red collar.

Together, the dynamic duo of Molly and Dawson provide endless inspiration for the "The Adventures of Molly & Dawson".